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I'm doing my own hair and makeup for my wedding day. Can you recommend great hairspray and makeup I can apply

I honestly don't know which hairspray to use, but I would recommend Revlon's Colorstay makeup. I love that stuff PLUS you can usually fine $2 coupons in the newspapers!

Good luck!I'm doing my own hair and makeup for my wedding day. Can you recommend great hairspray and makeup I can apply
I did my own makeup for my wedding too. I used is great stuff and very easy to apply. It doesn't even feel like you are wearing makeup but the coverage is great. It does cost $60 however, but I think it was definitely worth it. I am not one to wear makeup very often so it was perfect. As far as mom helped me with my hair...I have curly hair so I used curl mousse and then we just used my mom's hairspray. I think it is the Suave brand. It seemed to work pretty well. I wore my hair down though so didn't need very much. Congratulations on your wedding!!!I'm doing my own hair and makeup for my wedding day. Can you recommend great hairspray and makeup I can apply
I already answered the hairspray question...but for makeup, try anything my Bobbi Brown...she makes great stuff, especially her new Smudge Proof mascara...let me tell you...this stuff is amazing! You do need to get their special remover if you get that mascara, because that is how well it works! Doesn't clump, flake, smudge and especailly won't run if you cry!!
I Am Not Sure Of What Type Of Hairspray You Should Use. But I Used MaryKay Makeup And It Was Wonderful. I Would Try That. Good Luck And Best Wishes
I did my own too, yet forgot the hairspray. I ended up doing very well without it anyway. I normally use Redken and for make-up I do M.A.C. I kept it pretty simple, I normally don't do eyeshadow or lipstick, so these were the two items I experimented with on our wedding day. Everything turned out great. D.I.Y. beauty is much cheaper and makes more sense to me. Good luck!!
There are ALOT of makeup reps that will show you how to apply your makeup, for your special day, with a minimum pruchase. Visit the store of our choice %26amp; explain what you want.

You want something between looking washed out and the corner hooker.
I would suggest a professional for such an important occasion. That special moment is no time to be experimenting.
Read some tips and articles on hair and beauty make up on this site
I'm a wreck with hair, but I love bareminerals makeup. It's quick easy and flawless. Plus, it stays on all day. It can be expensive though. A starter kit from is like $60.
I'm not sure about the hair spray because I did have someone do my hair for my wedding but for makeup I did my own because I didn't want to look too made up or look like someone that I wasn't. I used Arbonne makeup because my aunt is a consultant but I would just reccomend any brand that carries a mineral foundation line, it's natural and it's really light so it does what it's supposed to do but doesn't make your face oily or dry, it's also so lightweight that you don't even feel that you have it on!

Congrats and good luck!

What's so great about MAC makeup?

Any makeup brand, in my opinion is good makeup, as long as you know how to put it on! I have nothing against the brand, I do use some of it, but if you see my makeup bag, it won't all be MAC brand. And for some reason, most of the women/girls that wear MAC seem to pile it on, which is gross.What's so great about MAC makeup?
Mac has very good eyeshadows as far as I know, because they last with vibrant colors. They aren't so cheap, as many may say. they are average priced because of the quality you get. If you want just as good products that are way cheaper, you can look at . It has incredible product worth looking into. If you want a review on it, look it up in youtube and I'm sure you'll find one. Personally coastal scents is the best brand I've found other than mac so far. But I haven't tried everything, I'm sure theres more out there worth looking at :)What's so great about MAC makeup?
I like MAC for several reasons

1) They are the only brand that I have found that makes a foundation that matches my paleness

2) I love the bright colors that last all day at my job

3) The Pigments are great if I can only take a few pieces of make-up with me, since they are multi-use

Well those are all of the reasons I can think of right now but there are more
Girls these days are Label Junkies. Most girls use MAC, cause its MAC. Theirs tons of other great brands out there as well. Im not trash talking on MAC what so ever, dont get me wrong, i use their eyes shadow but MAC is not all i use. I use a mix of cheap and expensive. Plus Mac is pretty ridiculously priced in my opinion.
a lot of women use it because it gives them a matte look and they seem to like it, at least thats why my mom likes it

and its not as natural as some other brands such as Clinique and some people like that more natural look

it really just depends on how you want your make-up to look
i feel that MAC is great for its variety in colour. Escecially when it comes to MACpro. The formulas a great and last. They have everything from a primer to fix +. Other brands to me dont have everything.
honestly i see nothing great about it. its not the cheapest and it lasts about the same as other brands.
well i dont use MAC for the simple reason that its not in my budget lol

but idk i just think its the same as any other drugstore brand in my opinion
Nothing great about it in my opinion but it is cheap and affordable for most.
It's cheap and there are tons of fun eyeshadows. What's not to love?

What color makeup looks great for bunettes and pale skin?

LightPink for some reason washes me outWhat color makeup looks great for bunettes and pale skin?
Virtual Makeover. You can play with colors and find a look you will love. Then it shows you how to apply your new look. Just click the link belowWhat color makeup looks great for bunettes and pale skin?
do u have brown eyes? if so, try shimmery shades of purple. dont put on a lot; just lightly dust a small amount of the shadow with a mini blush brush.
i had blue eyes and brown hair and i used the almay blue eyes thing try that. or use shades of brown eyeshadow
dark purple looks great... or brownish colors... a bronze would look soo amazing... or green... green makes our eyes really stand out. light pink doesnt go good because your skin is soo light.. bronze.. browns... purples would be more noticable and will look great...
I am a brunette with light skin. I use Max Factor base in true beige (best make up ever!). For blush I use a Maybelline Plushed Plum Prune (sounds awful but is beautiful on). On eyeshadows I vary from neutrals to pink/plum. And for a lipstick, I usually go with a raisin or other brown or even a plum shade (not too dark). The pinks will wash you out if your coloring is anything like mine. You may think the browns for a lipstick sound horrible for light skin but trust me and try some. If you know an Avon representative (or a Mary Kay), she might be able to give you some free sample lipsticks to try until you find the color you like. But check out the browns and plums. It may surprise you how good they look. Enjoy trying the new colors!
well im in the same posision. and seriusly, its good to highlight your eyes (eyeliner) in a brown. and then eye shadow isnt nessisarry, but your skin color looks great. sometimes pale skin can look just as beautiful if you just highlight it.
lavendar, brown, green
prob. some greens and aquas they are really cute
If your eye color is brown and you have brown hair, you should use purple eye shadow.
matte bronze lip stick at night and lip gloss during the day to simply bring out your natural lip color.
mabye a baby blue or a lighter type brown works for me .goodlck
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  • Light Makeup with Great Coverage?

    What is a good brand or type of makeup to coverup facial redness and acne scars? I want something that feels light and looks natural (doesn't get cakey) but still provides enough coverage so the redness doesn't come through. Any ideas?Light Makeup with Great Coverage?
    use a concealer to cover up your scars and stuff, maybelline mineral concealer is good for that.

    then use maybelline mineral powder foundation to go over the concealer.Light Makeup with Great Coverage?
    Covergirl is amazing. Their TruBlend line is very light and pretty. Especially the mousse whipped foundation. It is very silky and blends wonderfully even if you don't have the perfect shade.
    clarins. true comfort foundation. it feels like water but it gives full coverage
    hd foundation n i heard revlon color stay is good!

    What makeup foundation has great coverage and leaves a matte finish?

    Rimmel has a ';Stay Matte'; foundation and MAC has Studio finish that is also matte finish. MAC's is good for oily skin and long wear.What makeup foundation has great coverage and leaves a matte finish?
    Dream Matte Mousse! About 6 or 7 dollars at drugstores in every shade possible. (:What makeup foundation has great coverage and leaves a matte finish?
    Mac studio fix is really good!! that's what all the celebrities use too!!
    I love Clinique Superbalanced foundation. It's great for any skin type, and leaves a matte finish, but doesn't make your face look like a mask. It has great coverage and you only have to use a few drops, so it lasts for a long time. I think I paid just above 20 dollars for it, but it's well worth it. A lot of the foundations you buy in drug stores, you have to use a ton to get good coverage. The bottle I have now has lasted me since November, and I still have quite a lot left! *and I wear makeup EVERY day*. I highly recommend it. Since wearing it, I haven't bought anything else :)
    MAC studio finish or studio fix about $30 each

    covers the face up great
    Try Bare Minerals!
    If you want to look freas and look like you are going natrual try bare minerals...if you want that matte look try covergirl matte
    i use bare naturale (i'm not sure how to spell it) by loreal.

    it works really covers your skin but still looks natural鈥?/a>

    Where Is A Great Place To Get Awesome and Cheap Makeup?

    More specifically for the eyes? Thanks a bunch. If you want to know some specific colors, something for dark brown asian eyes, my eyes are a little puffy so eyeliner i need. thanks again, a store not a website plzWhere Is A Great Place To Get Awesome and Cheap Makeup?
    covergirl is the cheapest but nicest--non allergenic that isnt a reall store or designer brnd like clinique or chanel. try walmart or any drug storee. Where Is A Great Place To Get Awesome and Cheap Makeup?
    NYX and Milani are the two best drugstore brands. Milani is kind of like a MAC knock off, and NYX has great pigmentation in most of their pigments and eyeshadows.
    E.L.F. is great. They sell it at target, and almost everything is just $1. Even though you don't want a website, you can visit to check out what all they have.
    I buy my cheap makeup online, but there high qaulity though. Its called Everyday Minerals. For 10 eyeshadow its $18 including shiping.

    If you dont want to order online then try loreal or relvon. There eye makeup are good quality too.

    Bare Minerals Question - makeup looks great in AM, but fades by noon. Suggestions?

    I think am doing all right when I originally put on and it looks great. But about 5 hours later all seems to be gone. Without having to totally redo my makeup, any helpful suggestions from current users?Bare Minerals Question - makeup looks great in AM, but fades by noon. Suggestions?
    I think it is supposed to be applied a few times a day (even on top of the previous layer) , since it is so light. Besides, the powder tends to wear off during the day - this is one of the disadvantages of this type of make-up.Bare Minerals Question - makeup looks great in AM, but fades by noon. Suggestions?
    hum. do u have very oily skin? u may want to try puttting the mineral veil on first, then the foundation, then bisque, then warmth, then more mineral veil. then eye and cheek color, then at the end, dust mineral veil again over the face to set. my makeup lasts very well, i have to touch up with mineral veil maybe 3 times a day or so. HTH
    I've been using Bare Minerals for 5 years...

    Start by putting a face moisturizer on your face. Then apply your foundation, the more your buff the better the finish. Once that is done, put the Mineral Veil on, even on the eye lids. Once done, do your eye make-up...I mix in a little of moisturizer...not too much or it will become like a liquid. Buff warmth (Blush) into your cheeks. Then for lipstick, take some foundation on put it on your lips, this will make the lipstick stay on longer. Once all done, again use Mineral Veil.

    This will make your make-up last longer. But it will eventually start coming off around evening time so you will have to re-apply.

    I have this problem too. Normally if I need it to last for a long time I'll take my finger and put a dab of the powder on it and apply it to the spots I really want to stay covered. Also if I'm really desperate I'll take some other conceler and apply it only to the spots and put the bare minerals over it. It doesn't last as long as a full application of foundation etc, but it does last longer without having all that stuff on your face. Hope this helps!